11 Things that Pet Owners Want to Share About the Loss of a Pet

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1-Pets are family members and the grief is real and painful

2-It is important to realize the impact and value that a pet adds to a person’s life

3-Pets have unique personalities and relate to us in unique ways, nothing can fill the void when they are gone

4-If someone doesn’t understand pet loss, it’s important not to minimize the pain by saying that it was “just a dog, cat etc”

5-The best way to support someone through pet loss is by acknowledging the loss with a card, call or a hug

6-Pets are there for us unconditionally through happy and sad times, never judging us

7-Many times a pet dies suddenly, making it hard to prepare for the loss

8-Making the decision to euthanize a pet due to health issues is very difficult

9-If you still have other pets, they grieve too

10-Pets become part of our daily routines, when they are no longer there it is a difficult at first to “carry on” with daily life routines

11-Pets make us feel needed, they give us a purpose and sometimes we have to find new ways to do things differently in their absence

I welcome you to add your own thoughts or insights in the comments section. If you or someone you know is experiencing the loss of a pet, my Pet Loss Support Group meets at 6:30 pm on the second Monday of each month, please register at melindacounselor@gmail.com or 240-298-2442.

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