Angel Wings

bro wings

This will be the the sixth Christmas without our son. We have ways to symbolize and remember Brogan such as the angel wings that hang on our tree year after year but if you’ve ever lost a loved one you know that the holidays can magnify their absence. It’s not like we think of them any less on ordinary non-holiday days but the holiday season is a time for family, togetherness and reflection and because of that focus it just feels more difficult. Something that may be helpful is to think of those things that your loved one enjoyed about the holidays and incorporate them into your traditions. If they had a favorite movie, watch it in their honor. If they liked to drive around and look at Christmas lights, continue that tradition and maybe even visit the cemetery for a time of reflection afterward. If they had a favorite holiday cookie, bake them (and eat them!) in their honor. Consider donating a gift in their memory to someone in need. One of the biggest fears that many grieving people have is worrying that their loved one will be forgotten. It is possible to include your loved one in your holiday traditions and carry on their legacy and memory. Is it painful? Yes, but it can also be meaningful and purposeful. How will you remember your loved one this holiday season?

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