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You may have seen my posts for “An Evening of Remembrance” at Flora Corner Farm. This program is on Sunday, June 9th from 6-7 pm. Over the past few years I have met people who either did not have a chance to attend a funeral ceremony for a loved one (or there was not a ceremony to attend) or they have had a desire to set aside a special time to honor the memory of a loved one but they weren’t sure how to do that. I thought that this type of program may be a nice way to honor our loved ones through music, solitude and memories all in a beautiful and serene setting in the country.

A few weeks ago I wrote about signs and symbols and how those things can keep us connected to our loved ones. This is another one of those ways. A common concern among grieving people is that they fear that they will forget certain things about their loved one as time goes on…the sound of their voice, what their laugh sounded like, special memories or milestones. Setting aside a time devoted to thinking about them in this way is something that I often recommend. Looking at pictures, watching videos, listening to their favorite music or reading texts or love notes or simply just connecting with them in whatever ways appeal to you. It doesn’t matter how many years your loss has been, you can still practice this. Memory can be a gift yet it can also be very painful too at times.

If you would like to connect with your loved one through honor and memory, consider joining us for “An Evening of Remembrance.” There is no fee for this program but I do ask that you register here on my website. The evening will include a special reading of names, music, desserts and a small remembrance token. We will have a place to display pictures of loved ones if you would like to bring a picture (maximum size 8 x 10 and unframed). I will also have a memory tree to display special memories. Please share with anyone who may be interested!

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