So what about cardinals, feathers and pennies?


The topic of “signs and symbols” has been on my heart for a long time. So many times when talking with a client who is grieving the loss of their loved one, this inevitably comes up. I feel honored to hear these stories of ways that people connect with the loved one they are missing. Over the years I have heard many accounts of mysterious “coincidences,” things that are really hard to explain in a logical sense. Stories of coins that appear out of nowhere, butterflies that land on someone’s shoulder and stay there for a long time, dragonflies that seem to suddenly appear and follow someone around. So many fascinating and moving stories…..And my own story, my husband and I were in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina a few years ago and we happened to end up a random casual restaurant for lunch. We were told to seat ourselves at an outside patio. After debating between two different tables, we sat down at the one my husband preferred (THAT never happens!). Once we were seated, my husband looked down and right in front of him on the table was written “Brogan.” Brogan is the name of our son who passed away in 2012. Brogan also happens to be a fairly unusual name, right?! Here’s a picture:

Brogan MB

These signs and symbols can feel like little ‘Hellos” from your loved one! They are a wonderful way for us to stay connected to them; these are the things that forever link us to them and them to us. After all, death does not end a relationship.

PS. My logo has a little bee in the center of the design. We used to call Brogan “Little B” and we often have bee encounters. I would love to hear some of your stories of connection! Please feel free to share!

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4 thoughts on “So what about cardinals, feathers and pennies?

  1. The weekend that we moved from North Carolina to Maryland we had a lot of special things happen. First, when we stopped at Subway to get some food, the toy item for the kids meal was Sonic the Hedgehog. That was my son Isaac’s favorite character. Then the next day at church there was a butterfly that landed near my youngest son Spencer. He just sat there and let Spencer pet him for a few minutes before he fluttered up near his face and then flew away. Later that day my husband and oldest son went to a restaurant and the special pizza of the month was the Isaac. It said his name all over the restaurant! We know that these were very special messages from Isaac letting us know he is still with us.

  2. When my father passed away in July 2010 I was always seeing dragonflies. I have had them follow me and hover around. I have always felt it was a sign from my father.

    I lost my daughter in December and although it did not happen to us her boyfriend had a cell phone that was broken, hadn’t been charged for years. The day after she passed and several other times after the cell phone would just ring. I told him it was her letting him know she was around.

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